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** 60th Anniversary Year **


Whatever You Ride . . . . . .

The Veteran-Cycle Club was originally formed in 1955 to promote the riding and conservation of old cycles in addition to the study and exchange of information about the history of cycles and cycling. Today the club has grown to more than 2300 members from all over the world who enjoy many benefits and services through club membership. This year we are celebrating our 60th anniversary and there will be a number of special events throughout the year organised by various Club Sections.

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The club includes all cycles from tandems to tricycles; solid-tyred machines through roadsters to classic lightweights and beyond - in fact anything collectable or of interest.  There are events to cater for all tastes and abilities and we are particularly pleased to see families out riding on our events. However - you don't even need to own a bicycle to join - you just need to have an interest in cycles and cycling history. All cycle history is of relevance to the Club.
V-CC October 2015