About The Veteran-Cycle Club


The V-CC holds over 400 club events annually, including a club camp, yearly luncheon and monthly meetings by the various sections spread out across Britain, Ireland, Japan, and the USA. The Club runs a machine-loan scheme where Club-owned machines are displayed and ridden by custodian members.


Nine magazines are published per year covering cycle history and Club news. Included are Club ride reports, book, museum, and event reviews, classified advertisements and wants lists, supplier and service information, colour photography and all manner of articles on cycling history.

The Club publishes its own books about components, manufacturers, riders and clubs. The Club holds a physical library containing many important books and magazines on cycling as well as a searchable on-line library that has thousands of scans from the everyday to the obscure. The libraries are constantly being added to. An extensive list of Marque Enthusiast members is available to help with particular manufacturer histories to aid research and restoration.


Through the website and publications a vast array of specialist suppliers and engineers are available who can help with the obvious and the obscure, members are encouraged to share their quests discoveries and findings with each other so that the bank of knowledge increases.


The club holds an annual club luncheon, a week-long club camp, an auction, various jumbles and other specialist events throughout the year. Some rides are site or era specific one-offs involving television, radio and film coverage. Members also receive an informative yearbook, details of local section meetings, access to regalia and there are generous discounts for family and junior members.