Local Groups

The Veteran-Cycle Club has many local groups around the UK and one in New England, USA. Regular rides and events are organised by them and available for all members to ride.

If you are interested in taking part, then please contact the appropriate section using the form at the bottom of this page.

Please be aware that you will be asked to join the Veteran-Cycle Club if you wish to do so regularly.

The Section organises rides throughout the year, generally on the first Sunday of the month but sometimes on other Sundays. Cambridge is accessible by major roads from all the surrounding counties. Visiting prospective and existing members are always welcome on our rides. For the Section’s Rides Calendar, Ride Reminders and further details please contact us using the form below.

The Cheshire Section organises rides every month from March to December, usually on a Sunday, including a social lunch stop of chatting amongst fellow enthusiasts.  In summer the section also puts on displays at local transport festivals. Riders of all abilities are welcome on any type of bicycle or tricycle, new or old, and our group includes members from Cheshire and the borders of Staffordshire, Wales and around Manchester.  A copy of our calendar of events is available on request.

Covers Watford area and north-west London.  Small section and not very active.  A few weekend events.

The Essex Section holds monthly rides throughout spring, summer and autumn, usually on the last Sunday of the month.  Rides are normally in the mid-Essex area and are generally suited to all types of machine.

East Midlands

We are a small group running monthly rides from April to December and also meet socially on the last Tuesday of each month at the Red Lion in Kegworth from 7.30pm.  Our area generally includes Leicestershire, Rutland and Nottinghamshire but we also occasionally stray into Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.  New members are always welcome.  For more details please contact us using the form below. 

The Section covers Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, the Bristol and Bath area (formerly known as Avon) and Somerset, and organises a variety of rides, displays and other social events.  Section members own a wide array of machines ranging from Victorian to modern classics and section events often see a diverse selection of machines being ridden.  The Section prides itself on encouraging the use of early machines and regularly organises events which support the use of these.

Hampshire Lightweight
A social group of enthusiasts mainly based in the county of Hampshire with a few forays into adjoining counties.  Countryside rides of approximately 20-30 miles based around classic lightweight bicycles.  Monthly pub meet 3rd Wednesday evening of each month with a short ride prior, conditions permitting.

The Hereford Section holds at least one ride per month in the winter and three or more in spring, summer and autumn, 28 in all.  These rides vary in difficulty from easy, suitable for roadsters, to more challenging rides requiring gears.  Members meet on our rides and are kept in touch with the activities of the section with a monthly newsletter.

Kent & Sussex
We are a very lively and active section and organise rides and  events throughout the year plus summer camps.  We operate in Kent, East and West Sussex and welcome riders of all abilities and machines from Boneshakers to Ebikes.  In addition we hold regular evening lamp rides May to September usually on the 3rd or last Thursday of the month. Meeting venues vary, meet time 7:00pm. Pre 1920’s machines. New riders are always welcome, for more information and to be added to the mailing list please contact us.

Lancashire Lightweights
Area:  north west and north east Lancashire.  Spring/summer/autumn rides for 1950/60 steel lightweights, though all types of machines welcome.

North London
The section organises irregular Sunday and regular Wednesday rides north of the Thames and extending into Essex and Hertfordshire.  We organise an annual Jumble.

North Road
The section organises regular rides in the north Hertfordshire area at least once a month, usually on the second Sunday.

North Yorkshire & South Durham
Organising irregular rides mainly on cycle paths and quiet country roads.  All types of cycle, old or new are welcome.

Northern Ireland
The Northern Ireland VCC Section covers all of Northern Ireland with members from most parts of the country. We are a small friendly group with most of our people coming from a classic Lightweight background but we also hold rides for roadster style bicycles.  Our rides start in April with you holding one per month to September and one of our rides is in Donegal.  If you would like to learn more about us see:  https://vccnisection.blogspot.com/p/events.html

Covers the North East down to North Durham and up to the Borders.  We have a New Year’s Day ride and then monthly rides, many themed (usually 2nd Sunday) from February through to December.  Rides are mostly based around south east Northumberland.

Old Soke
There are 2 events a year, a short ride, pub lunch and garden party in June and an October cycle jumble.  All welcome.

Frequent rides, primarily in Oxfordshire, but sometimes just creeping over the border into neighbouring counties.  Any machine welcome.  Section lunch on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Ripley Road

The Ripley Section does a wide range of events.  Memorial rides which include lunches or tea stops, visiting places of interest, cycle jumbles with proceeds going to the annual charity of choice, a recent involvement with The Historic Society of Ripley and displays of the earliest machines at the Rural Life Museum and fetes in period costume that accords with the machine.   We also have a monthly evening meeting which, from time to time, includes talks and demonstrations.

Suffolk/Norfolk – The Flat Section
Regular club ride – last Monday evening in every month.  All welcome via any form of transport.  Many other locally organised and themed rides throughout the year.

Scottish Section
The Scottish Section have runs just about every month, and sometimes more often.  Some will specify a vintage or type of bike, but in nearly every case, apart from our annual pre-1920 Run, any bike you are comfortable with is fine.  We are a friendly lot, scattered over the whole wide area of Scotland, with runs in the Borders, Central Belt, Central and East Scotland, and in the North.  Runs are at an easy pace, and include a lunch stop for refuelling and friendly chat.  Members in Scotland receive emails about forthcoming Club runs.  We also have a small private Facebook Group where projects, questions, disposals and wants can be shown, as well as descriptions or runs done by members, and here anyone can suggest an impromptu local informal run outwith the Club Calendar.

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