Specialist Groups

The Veteran-Cycle Club has a number of specialist groups operating around the country.

If you are interested in taking part, then please contact the appropriate section using the form at the bottom of this page.

Please be aware that you will be asked to join the Veteran-Cycle Club if you wish to do so regularly.

Highwheel Group
A group for original ordinaries, replica highwheels and modern penny farthings to stimulate interest in all types of high bicycle and encourage the study of their history.  We aim to organise regular rides and events that highlight the history and development of the highwheel and celebrate the lives of important figures who built, rode and set records for these machines.

Bartleet Bicycle Group
The Bartleet Group encourages members to bring out the older pre-1914 cycles to enable to public to enjoy seeing the types of machines displayed by its members during the Club’s early years.  As well as section rides, the group has accepted invitations to events that request early machines with riders in period costume for example The Shuttleworth Collection Open Day, Benson Veteran-Cycle Club run and the London to Brighton Run riding alongside the pre-1904 motor vehicles.

Sunbeam Sundays
Sunbeam Sundays are a celebration of the truly ‘Rolls Royce’ of old bicycles.  Sunbeam quality speaks for itself as there are still so many of them around.  Even at 100+ years old they are perfectly useable.  The bicycle of choice for Sit Edward Elgar, so get your very own ‘Mr Phoebus’ and join us on our rides.

The Wayfarer Group

‘Wayfarer’ was the pen name of cycling journalist W M Robinson who is famous for his 1919 article ‘Over the top’ describing a crossing of the Berwyn Hills in North Wales.  The Wayfarer Group’s aim is to recapture the golden age of cycle touring, meeting for a weekend and riding pre-1987 machines on a mixture of tarmac and roughstuff which staying in local accommodation or camping. Two or three events are organised each year.

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