Veteran-Cycle Club Cycling History No.2

Charlie Chadwick Vol.4 – Charlie’s Erin

edited by David Warner.


Pre-war cycle touring diaries from around the UK. 174 pages. This final volume of four, completing the series of Charlie Chadwick’s 1920s Journals, starts with him sailing across to Erin (as he has it) from Holyhead in the teeth of a summer’s gale. There are plenty of other humorous stories too – but then there always are in Ireland.

There have been many gifted cycling pen and ink artists: Frank Patterson, George Moore, and Percy Kemp are names that spring to mind. What is remarkable about Charlie Chadwick is that the drawings are of the same standard but were never intended for publication, being for a private diary.

This book is only possible thanks to the foresight of David Warner who after Charlie’s death ensured the series of diaries were preserved and published.

The Committee felt that there is a place for monographs on other aspects of cycle history, than cycle marques, and in a similar A5 format. Studies such as the diaries of Charlie Chadwick fall nicely into this catagory. This publication then is the second of a new Cycling History series, which follows a similar style to the Marque Albums, and the fourth Charlie Chadwick volume.

Book Specification:

ISBN: 978-0-9575628-4-4

148 x 210 mm with 174 pages.

Copious illustrations.

Perfect bound.

Published by the John Pinkerton Memorial Publishing Fund (now Pinkerton Press), 2015.


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