V-CC Cycling History No. 4

Charlie Davey – A Lifetime in Cycling

by Christine Watts.


A biography of a long-time member of the Addiscombe C.C. 1896 – 1964. 146 pages.

For a road-racer (time trialist) wanting to turn professional in the first half of the 20th century his options were extremely limited. In Britain no races on the road were open to professionals, in contrast to the other side of the English Channel. The type of racing they would encounter there would be about as foreign to them as the language they would hear. With the exception of the occasional track event this left British professionals with little alternative but to compete against the clock over the classic road record routes. Anyone considering turning professional would have to weigh up was that it was a one way trip and that they would not be permitted back into the amateur ranks. This probably explains why those men who did step across the divide were nearing the end of their racing career. It is doubtful any made a fortune out of breaking records.

The Committee felt that there is a place for monographs on other aspects of cycle history, than cycle marques, and in a similar A5 format. Studies such as the biography of Charlie Davey fall nicely into this catagory. This publication then is the fourth of the Cycling History series, which follows a similar style to the Marque Albums.

Book Specification:

ISBN 978-0-9566337-8-1

148 x 210 mm with 146 pages.

124 illustrations

Perfect bound.

Published by the John Pinkerton Memorial Publishing Fund in 2012 (now Pinkerton Press), the publishing arm of the Veteran-Cycle Club.


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