V-CC Cycling History No. 6

The Velocipede

translated from the French by Scotford Lawrence.


Three French texts covering pedals and brakes, a stand, and a rider’s manual. 52 pages.

This book, the sixth of our Cycling History Albums, is a compilation of three important French publications featuring the Velocipede and expertly translated by Scotford Lawrence. It provides an insight into the early development of the velocipede, or boneshaker as we call it, in a format easily accessible to the English speaking reader.

Book Specification:

ISBN 978-0-9575628-2-0

148 x 210 mm with 53 pages.

8 illustrations

Perfect bound.

Published by the John Pinkerton Memorial Publishing Fund in 2014 (now Veteran-Cycle Publications), the publishing arm of the Veteran-Cycle Club.


V-CC members £9.50 including UK P&P (non-members £10.93 including UK P&P).

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