Frederick H. Pratt & Sons

by Alvin J. E. Smith.


Growing up with Claud Butler, marrying his sister, and becoming a respected frame builder, what more could a young man want? Read how Frederick Pratt reacted and then how he went on to build up his own dream machines. This is an account of a small bicycle company and shop that was set up in the 1950’s in leafy Surrey. A quirky, sad, but half humorous story of the marque with full records of the bicycles and copies of the famous leaflets. 74 pages.

Book Specification:

ISBN: 978-0-9552115-3-9

A4 297 x 210 mm with 74 landscape pages.

Many illustrations

Published by the John Pinkerton Memorial Publishing Fund (now Veteran-Cycle Publications) in 2006.

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