Veteran-Cycle Club Marque Album No.3 – Rensch and Paris Cycles

by Alvin Smith, Neville Ireland & Frank Hernandez.


A history from 1935 to post-WWII years. 216 pages. Only available on DVD.

The Veteran-Cycle Club has, within its membership, over 100 Marque Enthusiasts, M.Es, who provide information on particular marques to Club Members. They are all volunteers and provide a very useful free service to members. Over the life of the Club the information gathered by M.E’s has accumulated to the extent that some marques have a great amount of information available and study booklets have been created for a few of them. Separately, many members have a keen interest in a particular cycle manufacturer and accumulate their own files of data on their chosen marque
and a few books have been published as a result of their activities.

Apart from some popular machines, general information on most marques is scarce. To overcome this scarcity we encourage members to put what information they have into a small book format and to seek the help of other interested persons. Thus the concept of a Marque Album was evolved and this is the third in a continuing series.

Book Specification:

ISBN: 978-0-9566337-7-4

148 x 210 mm with 216 pages.

Copious illustrations

Available for download.

Published by the John Pinkerton Memorial Publishing Fund (now Veteran-Cycle Publications), 2012. Reprinted with minor additions Sept. 2012. Now only available for download.


V-CC members £9.95 including UK P&P (non-members £11.44 including UK P&P).

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