The Stanley Show Review 1878 – 1889


This monograph covers the very heart of cycle history. A review of the thirteenth annual Stanley Show, including a history of the previous twelve. A. J. Wilson (Faed) wrote it for the paper of his friend, the equally famous cyclist R. J. Mecredy. Wilson, not unkindly nicknamed Faed by his friends because of his deafness, funded the North Road Club and the Cycle and Motorcycle Trade Benevolent Fund as well as authoring several cycling books.

The dozen years spanning the 1880s are arguably the most exciting witnessing the swift rise and decline of the tricycle, the flowering and fading of the ordinary and the laboured birth and complex infancy of the safety bicycle.

It is revealing to have this period described by someone who famously rode most of the new machines of the period. Then, as now, the main trade exhibitions were where manufacturers showcased their ideas and this reprint will undoubtedly entice many readers into getting involved in the history of a fascinating era.

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Many illustrations.

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