The Club holds a physical library containing many important books and magazines on cycling as well as a searchable online library that has thousands of scans from the everyday to the obscure. The libraries are constantly being added to and the regularly updated library list can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate button below. An extensive list of Marque Enthusiast members is provided in the Yearbook. They are there to help with particular manufacturer histories to aid research and restoration and many have provided detailed marque information in the online library.

Welcome to our Online Library

run in collaboration with The National Cycle Archive (Reg. No. 272792)

and our Dutch sister club, De Oude Fiets.

Not registered but a V-CC member? Get a Google account, if you do not have one, then click on the Members’ Library button. Members only! Please quote your membership No. and allow 24-hours for registration. The User Guide on the button below has plenty of tips to get you going.

Within this library you will find scanned cycle catalogues, cycling literature, and research material.

Over 12,400 items available to view or download as a V-CC member.

Public access is restricted to N.C.A and selected V-CC material.

Contact: Please note that we cannot answer general enquiries regarding cycles as we would prefer to be scanning new material. However, we are interested in acquiring new material to add to the Library.

The online library was developed from an original concept by Ray Miller, David Higman MBE, and Martin Nash.