The Hub Of The Universe

by Tony Hadland, Author, Broadcaster, and Cycling Historian and Alan Clarke, European Sales Manager for Sturmey-Archer Europe.

This high quality book is a complete update and revision of the book The Sturmey-Archer Story by Tony Hadland, first published in 1987. It comprehensively covers not only the history of the company but describes in detail the diverse range of products, in addition to hub gears, that the company has manufactured.

Reviewed by Ross Adams,

Cycling UK:

This is not a coffee table book; it’s a bible of all things Sturmey Archer, a company famous for over a century for its internal hub gearing. First published in 1987, The Hub of the Universe charts the company’s history and documents the products it produced.

The book plunges headfirst into a comprehensive narrative of the workings of internal hub gearing, the journey of the company itself, and the advancement into further product lines, notably drum brakes, coaster brakes, and gear shifters.

As an antidote to the at times technical aspects of the text, there are over 400 superb images, many in colour. They range from advertising to fantastic exploded diagrams of internal gearing.

If you’re an afficionado of cycling history, have an interest in hub gearing, a passion for mechanical engineering, or simply want to increase your knowledge of a British cycling institution that revolutionised the cycle industry, read this book.

At over £40 posted, even if you’re eligible for the Veteran-Cycle Club discount, this isn’t cheap. But it’s physically well put together (it’s a sturdy hardback) and, in terms of the content on this specific subject it is unparalleled.

This review appeared in the April/May 2020 issue of Cycle, the magazine of Cycling UK, and is reproduced with permission.

Some further positive comments here with illustrations.

Book Specification:

ISBN 978-1999342920
170×240 mm page size, 368 pages.
Over 400 illustrations, many in colour.
Printed throughout on 130gsm Magno Satin stock.
Case bound with full colour cover.
Deluxe edition is supplied in a Sturmey-Archer style box with a certificate signed by the authors.
Published by Pinkerton Press (now Veteran-Cycle Publications), the publishing arm of the Veteran-Cycle Club.

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