Useful Links

As part of our research and work running the club, we come across a variety of other websites with a host of useful information.

Below is a list of links to these sites, listed alphabetically, which you may find useful as a source of information for your own further queries or research.

Amberley Museum – has an exhibition of bicycles and a Bicycle Repair Shop.

Anfield Bicycle Club – where an extensive archive of documents, photographs, and ephemera, spanning the history of cycling, has been digitised.

Bertin Classic Cycles – a weblog about Andre Bertin’s bicycles.

Bibliotheque Gallica – this French website is a fantastic resource.

Bidlake Memorial Trust – a lasting memorial garden to F. T. Bidlake and memorial prize.

Bike Cult Tracks and Velodromes – list of bicycle tracks and velodromes from past to present.

Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) – Solihull’s “Records of the Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd” (c.1789-1986: 81 boxes).

British Newspaper Archive – search hundreds of historic newspapers.

Brooks saddles – the official website.

Brown Brothers 1889-1989 – an online history of the company in digital book form.

Calaméo – a digital print source which includes L’Industrie des Cycles from 1898 and various other cycling publications.

Carlton Cycles – this site covers the background and history with identification, models, and catalogues.

Carpenter – a virtual museum dedicated to 50 years of specialist bike building by Henry and Frank Carpenter.

Chainwheel tattoo project – an interesting site for silhouettes of vintage chainwheels.

Chateau de Bosc – veteran cycle museum with very early and unusual examples.

Ciclocollection – Museo di Biciclette

Classic Bikes – Holdsworth, Claud Butler and F. H. Grubb

Classic Lightweights – a comprehensive site on the history of British bespoke bicycle and component manufacture.

Classic Rendezvous – dedicated to Lightweight Vintage Bicycles c.1900~1983.

Coventry Transport Museum – includes a large cycle collection

Cross frames – an interesting Dutch site on the history and variety of cross frames.

Cycle Speedway History – an interesting website.

Cyclo – video on removing and rebuilding a 1930s Cyclo 3-speed freewheel.

Der Knochenschüttler – the German magazine (The Boneshaker) for lovers of historical bicycles and member journal of the “Historische Fahrräder eV”. Includes German scanned catalogues, etc. in Velopedia.

Disraeli Gears – a derailleur collection starting before 1900.

Dursley Pedersen cycles – a delightful site well worth visiting.

Edwin Butler – the story of the Butler Omnicycle.

Edwin Butler Diaries

Espacenet – patent search from c.1890.

Evolution of the Bicycle – we like this short video animation showing the development of the bicycle by Milan Singh.

Fahrradsammler – mainly German veteran cycles including brands and a guide to the dating of machines.

Flying Gate – originally built by the Baines brothers and now by TJ Cycles, includes a short video.

Flying Wheel – a classic bike blog website from New Zealand.

Frank Patterson – one of Britain’s most accomplished and prolific illustrators of cycling scenes.

French cycles and cycling – a variety mainly 1940s – 1960s.

French and Italian framebuilders and components generally 1930s-1960s

Grace’s Guide – a substantial archive of British industrial history.

Grampian Transport Museum – includes a cycle collection

Hetchins – an enormous amount of material here.

Historical Directories – over 600 searchable directories made available by the University of Leicester.

Iceni CAM – an online library for cycles, cyclemotors, etc.

International Veteran Cycle Association – dedicated to the preservation of the history of the bicycle, bicycling and the enjoyment of the bicycle as a machine.

Internet Archive – a substantial digital repository of documents, the link takes you to velocipedes.

John Collins Cycle Collection – at Harlow Museum and Walled Gardens

Last Clarion House – a documentary about the Last Clarion House, Pendle, Lancashire. A fine cause.

H. Lloyd Cycles – a great range of transfers.

Military cycles – a website of interesting photographs of WWII cycles.

National Archives – our documentary heritage.

National Bicycle History Archive of America – mainly for classic American cycles 1920-65.

National Cycle Archive – cycling history sources. See also Warwick Digital Collections, below.

National Cycle Museum – home to over 260 cycles.

Online Bicycle Museum – much information on designs, history, makes, military, origins and styles with great photographs.

Papers Past – the National Library of New Zealand digitised newspapers, magazines, and books, including many English newspapers.

Pinkerton Classic Cycles – for the repair, restoration and preservation of all types of cycle.

Registered Designs – helpful in dating registered design numbers.

Registro Storico Cicli – a delightful Italian site with a library of catalogues (not all Italian), magazines, and classic cycles.

Rough Stuff Fellowship – the oldest off-road cycle club.

Sheldon Brown – extensive resource on all sorts of cycling information.

Shuttleworth Collection – the cycle collection includes a rare lever-drive boneshaker, Starley quadricycle and Ivel Cycle Works display.

Star Cycle Company – a useful website for cycles made by Edward Lisle.

Stenton Glider – interesting 1920s lightweights.

Sterba Bicycle Museum – stunning veteran cycle website.

Sturmey-Archer – the official website.

Sturmey-Archer – Tony Hadland’s blog including ‘How to repair old Sturmey-Archer hubs’.

Superbe handbuilt frame sets by Sid Standard. Also the inventor of an automatic change speed hub gear, patent here.

Terrot Club de France – everything Terrot including catalogues.

Tonton Velo (Uncle Bike Forum) – French website for all things old bicycle.

Tri-Velox – three-speed gear.

Tyre Gallery – an interesting gallery of all sorts of cycle tyres.

Velobase – vintage cycling database.

Velobiciantiche – our Italian cycle museum.

Velorama – the Dutch national cycle museum.

Velocipedistes – a website for keen riders of the earliest machines in re-enactments of early events with documents, etc.

Velocipede Gallery – US website with images, historic information, etc., with focus on 1865-1905.

Velodromes – over 700 UK track locations with history, maps, pictures, etc.

Velomuseum Rehetobel – pure technology and experience

Velo-Retro – includes timelines for Campagnolo, Cinelli, Colnago, and Mavic.

Wally Angell – an early collector of veteran-cycles, this British Pathé 1949 video shows a “quint”, a boneshaker tandem tricycle, Olympia tandem tricycle, boneshaker, 1880s tricycle and an ordinary.

Warwick Digital Collections – a growing library of items from the National Cycle Archive. Includes The Cycling World Illustrated, 1896.

Winged Wheels – about the Cyclists’ Touring Club winged wheels.

Worshipful Company of Wheelrights – find members and get that boneshaker wheel built.